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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: My team wants to submit entries for both sites. How do we proceed? 

A: To submit proposals for both sites, the team will have to fill out the registration form for each site. 


Q: How will we get access to the data package? What documents will the package contain? 

As soon as you register, you will receive an e-mail with the drive link to the data package. The package will contain the following information:

1. Submission formats

2. Photos and videos of the site 

3. Document with important links to the stakeholder interviews and my maps files

4. Autocad files of the site

Q: Is it mandatory to attend the Visioning workshops? 

A: Yes, it is mandatory for at least one member of the team to attend the Visioning Workshops with the community. The event is organised for the purpose of facilitating engagement between you and the community at the 2 sites, where we will be capturing the issues, challenges and aspirations for the sites. We believe that this will form an important foundation for developing feasible design proposals, that will have a potential to get implemented.


Q: How will the winners be selected?

A. There winning entries will be selected through a 3-stage process:


Stage 1: Qualifying

All the entries will be screen for the completion of their submissions and if they have attended the Visionining workshops. Only those that have both, will move forward to the next stage. 


Stage 2: Shortlisting of top 5 entries

The qualified submission will undergo an internal review process that will assess aspects such as relevance, concept, impact and quality of design. Only 5 entries will be shortlisted to proceed to the next stage.

Stage 3: External jury and citizen voting

The 5 shortlisted entries for each site will present an external jury panel of 4-5 experts and residents of the site. A weighted average between the external jury score and citizen votes will be arrived at, based on which the winners will be selected.   

Q: Will there be any intellectual property rights or ownership of our design proposals?

A. The designs will be owned by you and not any of the organising partners. However, as this is a public facing competition, if shortlisted, your proposals will be shared publicly. 

Q. Can my team submit multiple proposals for one site? 

A. No, each team can only submit one proposal per site. 

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