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Calling architects and urban designers to reimagine our commons as safe, vibrant  and inclusive places for all

  Inspiring examples from across India! 


The goal of Urban Revamp is to discover unique public spaces in the city for redevelopment and foster new imaginative futures that focus on inclusiveness, climate, and community.


Through the challenge, we crowdsource good ideas and have the winners work with local communities, technical experts and implementation bodies to bring their design ideas to life.


The end goal is to unlock public budgets and the enormous talent and expertise available to improve livability in our cities.

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For the first time, we are bringing the Urban Revamp Design Challenge to New Delhi. Our capital’s shape and form are influenced by its long list of rulers, who have, in one form or the other, left their impressions on the city.


Today, it is a hotbed of intellectual, cultural, and political activity with the city housing the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Indian parliament, the Supreme Court, notable universities and a vibrant civil society. 


Perhaps, one cannot put it better than Mirza Ghalib did when he said,

“One day I asked my soul: what is Delhi? She replied: The world is the body and Delhi is its soul”. (3).gif


Banda Bahadur Marg


Location: New Delhi


The challenge aims to redesign the stretch as a unifying, equitable and accessible space for its range of user groups including residents, students, commercial establishments, and coaching institutions. 

Given the volume of traffic from different modes (e-rickshaws, buses, cars, cycles etc) and two critical public transport nodes (Delhi Transport Corporation-DTC Bus Depot GTB Nagar metro station), designs should aim to enhance multimodal integration streamlining mobility.

Chaudhary Fateh Singh Marg


Location: New Delhi


The need on this stretch is to reimagine streets as spaces that connect. With this goal, the challenge for this site revolves around creating a connection in sense and function between the varied socioeconomic residents, economic activities, and public spaces on the selected stretch. 

The challenge for the stretch also extends to the two parks (including the Choudhary Surendra Singh Park) and the market that is present on this stretch. For these spaces, the objective is to develop them inclusively with minimal impact on the existing economic activities while enhancing the social character of the space. (4).gif

Site 2


Project brief


The detailed project data package will be shared once registrations close.

We invite all urban planners and architects to get their thinking caps and drawing boards out and revamp Delhi!


Total cash prize
INR 1,00,000/-

1st prize  (each site)

INR 30,000 /-


2nd prize (each site)

INR 20,000 /-

Winners will have the potential to make a pitch to the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi and/ or relevant government authorities for budget allocation and implementation

Participation certificates and special certificates will also be given to all participating and shortlisted teams respectively

Eligibility criteria

The competition is open to professionals and students from architecture, urban design, public space design, spatial planning and other allied fields.

The entry can be submitted as a team of individuals or as a firm/office. At least one team member should reside in New Delhi or be able to commute to New Delhi for the public engagement events (visioning workshop and presentation to the community if shortlisted).

Competition rollout

Key dates

Registration open

Jan 25

Application close

Feb 25

Visioning workshops

Mar 10&16

Design submission

Apr 14&21

Jury round (shortlisted team)

May 4&5

Winner announcement

May 12

Competition rollout

Key dates

Registration open

Jan 25

Application close

Feb 25

Visioning workshops

March 10 &

March 16

Design submission

April 14 & 

April 21

Jury Round (shortlisted teams)

May 4 &

May 5

Winner announcement

May 12


177  Registrations

41  Design proposals

1000+  Citizen votes

Streets finalised for a revamp:


  1. Dense commercial and historic street in the urban village of Doddanekundi 

  2. Active street adjacent to a rajakaluve in Banaswadi

Urban Revamp '22

159  Registrations

30  Design proposals

220+  Citizen votes

Finalised locations for a revamp:


  1.  A leftover space amidst city infrastructure located under the Benniganahalli Flyover in CV Raman Nagar (Ward 117)

  2. The intersection at  Padarayanapura (ward 168) currently houses: bus stop, BBMP Park, Police station, On-street vending, auto stand, as well as a women's pre university college. 

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