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The Urban Revamp Design Challenge 3.0 / New Delhi 2024

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Our team wants to submit entries for both sites. How do I do it?

To submit proposals for both sites, the team will have to register using both forms. However, each team can only submit one proposal per site.

2. When will I get access to the project data package? What documents will be contained in the package?

The project data package will be sent to the registered teams on 18th February once the registrations are closed. The package will contain: 

  • Submission Format files in PSD | AI | InDD

  • Site Images

  • KML file of Site Features

  • High-Resolution Site Map, and

  • CAD file of the Site Plan

3. Is it important to do a site visit and will it be facilitated by the organisers?

It is recommended that the team visit the site at least once. The public participation event scheduled in the first week of March will give the teams a chance to visit the site and understand the local problems. 

However, the team can undertake additional visits to the site(s), if they so wish.


4. Is it mandatory to attend the public participation event?

Yes, it is mandatory to attend the public participation event. The event is organised for the community to share the issues that they face is an important pillar on which the proposals should rest.

5. How will the winners be selected?

The winners of the competition will be selected based on the review of a jury of experts and community voting. 

6. What kind of support will be provided to the winners post the competition?

Apart from attractive cash prizes of ₹30,000 and ₹20,000 for the top two designs in each site, the winners will be supported by the organising team to finalize the proposals and will be facilitated to make the pitch to the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi and/or relevant government authorities on developing these proposals into projects that can be taken forward. 

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