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The Urban Revamp Design Challenge 2.0

Design brief:

There are 2 sites undertaken for design revamp in Urban Revamp 2, one each in Kasturi Nagar and Padarayanapura. Each site and its challenge is described in the brief on the right.

Site 1: Under the Benniganahalli flyover, CV Raman Nagar (Ward 117)

The under the benniganahalli flyover site has received 16 proposals for streamlining and designing the fragmented site consisting of the Under the flyover space, Kasturi Nagar Park and the railway buffer abutting the Benniganahalli lake. The crux of the project was to create a vibrant public space that connects the fragments created by the road networks and the railway lines.

Winning Entries:

Recharge Revitalize Reconnec#290590

Team Members: Aditi Singh Thakur, Kelly Shah

RRR aims to develop an urban park that serves as a place of recharge for the residents of Kasthuri Nagar, while also revitalising the space under the Benningahali flyover and reconnecting the people of the neighbourhood to the Benningahali Lake. 


Runner up
Urban Re-hash #290566

Organisation: Urban Intersection
Team Members: Alekhya Veera Valli, Krushna Lahoti, Prerna Yadav, Bharath Tirumani 

Urban Re-hash aims to amalgamate the fragmented open spaces into a coherent public place that caters to different levels of activity, age, social groups, and safety concerns. To engage the diverse population and cater to their varied needs, the design identifies 3 larger zones –the Kasturi Nagar Park, the under-flyover area, and the lush green buffer.


Site 2: Padarayanapura circle, Padarayanapura (Ward 168)

The public square at Padarayanapura has received 14 proposals for solving and streamlining of traffic movement, Parking, Vending, and diverse activities that currently co-exit in the space. The challenge called for protecting the current character of the space while enabling equal access for all the user groups who use the space.

Winning Entries:

JJ ADDA #290654

Team Members: Rahul Kustagi, Varun Bapu, Anivratha Baggunji

JJ ADDA is an engagement between, transit, commerce, community and play. The core of the intervention, the plaza, is ultimately and primarily a place keeper. It integrates and encourages the communities in commercial activities, socio-cultural interaction, physical activity while unlocking creative aspects of public life.


Runner up
The People’s forum #290677

Team members: Shreya Bansal, Bansi Mehta, Anandita Rangarajan

The people’s forum is designed to be a focal point for various aspects of daily life, including transportation to and from the city, ward activities, recreation, shopping, and street food. By integrating and leveraging these three existing systems—mobility, community engagement, and effective governance—the public forum aims to provide a space where these elements converge harmoniously. This convergence will foster a vibrant socio-cultural environment and enhance the overall well-being of residents.

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