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The Urban Revamp Design Challenge 1.0

Design brief:

There are 2 sites undertaken for design revamp in Urban Revamp 1, one each in Banaswadi and Doddanekundi. Each site and its challenge is described in the brief on the right.

Site 1: 8th Main, Banaswadi (Ward 27)

The neighbourhood received 24 proposals from architects, urban designers and urban planners for improving the stretch along 8th Main, Banaswadi. 

Winning Entries:

Anandavana | 10877

Organisation: Flying Elephant Studio

Team members: Rajesh Renganathan Iype Chacko, Vijay Dharmalingam, Shehbaz Shafi, Ram Prasanth Kumar, Punit Panchal, Mounisha Katneni, Saloni Kapoor, Neel Mahajani, Karrthik Subramanian, Shantanu Mude, Snigdha Gopalkrishnan

Reimagining our nala as a centrepiece of vibrant public space where residents participate in its magical transformation into productive green infrastructure for the neighbourhood.


Runner up
1 Mile - Rethinking urban commons | 10889

Organisation: IBI Group

Team members: Kevin George, Rohit Raj, Neelima Singh

The vision of this proposal is to re-imagine 1 mile of neighbourhood street area as an ecologically sensitive, pedestrian prioritized and Non-Motorized Transit (NMT) oriented shared street.


Site 2: Nekundi Village, Doddanekundi (Ward 85)

The neighbourhood received 17 proposals from architects, urban designers and urban planners for improving the stretch from Nekkundi Circle to Doddankundi Lake.

Winning Entries:

Convergence at Crossroads | 11014

Organisation: DORO

Team members: Naomy Parikh, Naksha Satish, Saumil Patel, Aishwarya Mahadevan

Design frameworks and interventions that enable the co-existence of Village in a city and City in a village.


Runner up
Chaos to Complete | 10835

Team members: Priyanka Krishnan, Sithara

The design focuses on providing pedestrian convenience, effective traffic management, long term operation & maintenance of utilities, all the while acknowledging Doddanekundi's rich heritage.

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